“Jan is a word genius.  Her copywriting skills are impeccable and her talents have certainly enhanced my web design business, in addition to those of our clients. On a more personal level, Jan can find humour in the direst of circumstances.  Jan has the enviable ability to make me feel uplifted with her wit and inspiration.  She's going to achieve something really great one of these days.” 

Rae Lonsdale, Technology Consulting Services, Thought Processes (Formerly Managing Director of Global Data International)
[email protected]

“I believe that the result of my creative work is a reflection of the client. The results of my co-operation with Jan were way above my expectations.” 

Mike Horton
Owner, Propergander

“Jan has a mastery of descriptive language and more belly laughs per paragraph than I've enjoyed in a long time. Her talents are wonderful; self-deprecating, fun, satirical, lively and original - all in one. No one can beat that. Jan has unmatched wit and wisdom and I know of no other writer quite like her here in the States.  She is a comic genius, a bright flame in a world that needs a good laugh. Not many people can make me laugh with the written word. Laughter is a wonderful gift and I thank her for it.” 

Ron Carpenter, (Ex-Military) Writer, Texas
Creative Copywriter

Need more convincing? Read some completely voluntary testimonials from clients who weren't given an ultimatum (“Either you endorse my work or I'll stop providing you with fabulous copy!”)

“I am pleased to state that I have known Jan Andersen professionally for over 30 years.

In my former position as Editor for New Musical Express, Melody Maker, Vox, etc as well as my current role as a best selling author and the head of Giant Steps Recordings, I regularly call upon Jan’s expertise either as a team player or in a solo role.

Be it, editing, copy reading, generating original copy or preparing material for the printers, I have found Jan to be thoroughly reliable in undertaking such work.

She is most conscientious, enthusiastic and is more than capable of making important decisions independently.

Jan Andersen is also a highly accomplished author in her own right.

As such, I have no hesitation in recommending Jan’s creative services.”

The Late Roy Carr
Author and Former Owner of Giant Steps Recording

“Jan has astonishing attention to detail, backed with an unparalleled knowledge of English and its precise use. Her ability to spot the obvious, edit to enhance and re-write to emphasise is delivered with the ability to convey a message in meaningful and concise context. She can grasp technical, commercial or management strategies and has the ability to reconstruct the base text into compelling and concise copy, which enthuses the reader to engage; all this without the standard techo-commercial-management speak we all see littered in press release and reports on a daily basis.

Outside of her editing and copywriting skills, Jan’s creative side is one rarely seen in business today. Her artistic flair, design approach and subtle use of colour, shades and inflects bring presentation material, press releases, marketing literature and sales' documentation to life.”

Mike Baker
Global Key Account Manager, bp

“Jan was invaluable in helping me to get my first book published. I had no idea how to go about making it into a book and had written in all in an A4 script. Jan was so informative giving me tips on how to make it into 'two pages' encouraging me every inch of the way. My next book Jan will edit for me, because in all honesty I would not trust anyone else.

To me Jan gives more than value for money, she also gives of herself. Her patience in time and effort given to me as a fledgling writer is something I will always cherish.

Jan is so much more than an editor...she is now my friend and I give grateful thanks for that.” 

Margaret Ann Elson

“Jan can take the bones of a story and bring it to life, for the advantage of the client. She is consistently professional, personable, and on time. I highly recommend her interviewing, researching and writing skills.”

Dianne Edgar
Owner at I-Marketing Services Ltd 

“Working with Jan on various book publishing jobs I know what a talented editor she is. I've seen her work wonders in days on texts that would take mere mortals years to sort out. She must have the patience of a saint. Apart from her obvious talents in creative writing, editing etc, she's also great fun to work with, and obviously has a great rapport with her clients as well as colleagues.” 

Duncan Bamford, Principal Designer, Insight Illustration Ltd
“Jan is a wonderful employee with great writing qualities, a quick wit and superb sense of humor. She is efficient, timely and has excellent grammar, articulation and spelling skills. My readers love her work and she's a favourite of theirs. I think that any company would be blessed to have Jan on their staff.” 

SD Craig-Paschelke, Scentsy Certified Consultant and former Ezine Editor

“Jan researched and wrote my dissertation for my Masters Degree, which I did not have time to do myself. The time, effort and commitment that she gave to the project was incredible. She was also a real pleasure to work with. As a result, I achieved an excellent grade - something that I feel would have been extremely difficult without her help. I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking an outstanding writer.” 

K. Brooks, Washington DC, US
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