Why Use an Editing Service?

No matter whether you run a large corporate concern or an SME, whether you're an aspiring author just starting out, or an experienced professional working on your latest project, an objective, professional opinion is an important factor in your success. 

Your friends and colleagues may endorse your work, but are they looking at it from the prospective buyer or publisher's perspective?  

I'll review your website content, marketing copy or manuscript, give you a professional, unbiased opinion and provide suggestions on how to improve it. Whether your deadline is short and you don't have time for lengthy evaluations, or you would prefer a detailed analysis, I will tailor my service to meet your requirements.

For Businesses

Excellent copy must be well-written, well organised, fluent, easy to read and compelling. Your message and the quality of your product or service should be evident to the target audience, instilling the "feelgood" factor and creating the desire to buy.

My aim is to convert words and prospects into customers by analysing your business, grasping concepts quickly and accurately and articulating them to your target audience.

For Authors

Many agents and publishers recommend that the author hire an editing service prior to sending them a manuscript and before accepting the author as a client. In today's increasingly tough publishing market, first impressions are often lasting ones and can make or break a writing career.  

It is imperative that the article or manuscript submitted for consideration, whether short or long, fiction or nonfiction, be polished and error free.  In addition to grammar and punctuation, I consider every aspect of  the content of your article or manuscript.

If you simply want your piece of work edited grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, paragraphing and word usage, or require a more in-depth analysis, my service is tailored to meet your exact requirements. 

I am keen to encourage writers who are starting out on the publishing road, particularly since I understand the amount of time, effort and money that is involved. Consequently, my fees are based on the minimum possible to cover overheads, whilst still providing an exceptional service. In addition, I always promote books that I have edited on my website, at no extra cost.

For further information and a no-obligation quote, please e-mail me  at jandersen8888 at live dot com with your questions or requirements.
Paradox Calling
The Grey Pound Care Revolution
Living on Buried Time
The Fylfot File
Princess Kaguya
The Prime Target
I 8 Skool
Face to Face With Fear
Silent Voices
The Anglican Church Role in the Process of Reconciliation in Rwanda
Aianos Remembered
Firefly and Serena's Perilous Adventure
You'll Never Make Pastry: Your Hands are Too Hot
Watch Out - Bailiffs About: How to Deal with the Bailiff
Ibrahim: Where in the Spectrum Does He Belong?
Face to Face With Fear: Transforming Fear into Love
The Roots of Love
The Swirling Tide
African Christianity Thrives Under the Shadow of Traditional Beliefs
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At the time of editing this book, the author Roseann Gallagher had been cancer-free for many years. Sadly, in February 2013, she passed away after suffering from secondary breast cancer. Roseann had become a good friend and will be greatly missed by all those who had the privilege of knowing her.
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The Green Silk Shawl
Creative Copywriter

A Selection of Books Edited and Formatted by Jan Andersen
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