Why is Copywriting So Important?

Even the most ingenious concepts and exceptional products that appear to have a huge competitive advantage over others, still won't sell if the advertising copy is poor.  Outstanding designs, photographs and visual effects need to be accompanied by excellent copy. Words sell or repel.  

There's more to copywriting than readability, grammar, spelling, sentence structure and outstanding testimonials to a company's products or services.  By harnessing knowledge of human psychology and identifying the way in which people respond to different concepts and arguments, you can adapt your copy to appeal to your target audience and generate a more favourable response.  

Excellent copy and effective communication is the mainstay of successful organisations. It's the mainstay of life.
Creative Copywriter

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What Can I Do For You?

Whether you want professional prose, punchy text, witty words, creative content, long copy, short copy, a straightforward style or sophisticated script, I can deliver quickly, proficiently and with enthusiasm.

My aim is to convert words and prospects into customers by analysing your business, grasping concepts quickly and accurately and articulating them to your target audience.


Over three decades of marketing, PR and copywriting experience means that I am old and wise, but certainly not decrepit and I still have all my own teeth to deliver service with a smile. As a result of the hundreds of articles and features that I have published and my campaigns on sensitive social issues, I am frequently asked to participate in various topical TV programmes and radio discussions.
I have heard many people say of poor English skills, "What does it matter as long as people know what I mean?" That's exactly the point; people don't. Something as simple as the placement of punctuation can change the meaning of a sentence entirely. Take the following as an example:

With correct punctuation the following paragraph would read:

"Charles and I walked and talked. Half an hour after, his head was cut off."

With incorrect/no punctuation, the above would read:

"Charles and I walked and talked half an hour after his head was cut off."

The alternative meaning, whilst amusing, demonstrates what a huge difference punctuation can make and how easily something can be misunderstood.