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My name is Jan Andersen and I'm here to help you with your writing, editing, proofreading and research requirements. My aim is to breathe life into copy whilst maintaining an ethical approach. I am efficient at all times (as most business people claim to be), witty and humorous when required. However, I dislike business buzz words and overused corporate jargon that many companies use, which often obscures their message rather than enhances it. 
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“I am pleased to state that I have known Jan Andersen professionally for over 30 years.

In my former position as Editor for New Musical Express, Melody Maker, Vox, etc as well as my current role as a best selling author and the head of Giant Steps Recordings, I regularly call upon Jan’s expertise either as a team player or in a solo role.

Be it, editing, copy reading, generating original copy or preparing material for the printers, I have found Jan to be thoroughly reliable in undertaking such work. She is most conscientious, enthusiastic and is more than capable of making important decisions independently.

Jan Andersen is also a highly accomplished author in her own right. As such, I have no hesitation in recommending Jan’s creative services.”

The Late Roy Carr, Author and Former Owner of Giant Steps Recording
Enhancing Fertility After Age 40
Enhancing Fertility After Age 40
 An ebook
by Jan Andersen 
“It is much more valuable to look for the strength in others. You can gain nothing by criticising their imperfections.” 

Daisaku Ikeda
Chasing Death: Losing a Child to Suicide
by Jan Andersen

Chasing Death raises funds for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)
Losing a Child to Suicide
"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Albert Einstein
Jan Andersen

 Creative Copywriter, Author, Proofreader, Editor & Artist
I write everywhere; at home, on holiday, up mountains, in the car (but not whilst driving), in cafés, in the middle of fields and anywhere else that inspiration strikes. I write with speed and accuracy, vivacity and authority, whether it's short or long copy, serious or light hearted. On a personal level, I'm cheerful, patient and empathetic. However, my writing is not about me; it's about you and your target audience.
My published books:
Creative Copywriter

​For those who have been asked to produce an opinion piece for the media, but don't have time to take on the assignment, I ghostwrite articles for The IndependentThe Guardian, The Huffington Post and the Washington Post on behalf of clients. I also undertake research, which is crucial and time-consuming for many businesses, so I can help free up time for you to concentrate on other tasks. 

If you wish to learn more about how I can assist, whether you require a few brief paragraphs or something more detailed, please follow the links at the top of the page.
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